Mark Chana

Managing Director, COO, Business and Thought Leader 

Hi, I’m Mark Chana, welcome to my website.


I’m Group COO of CCI Global and former MD of CCI South Africa.


And after spending more than 10 years building the biggest international contact centre in the country, I’ve created my own personal site to share news, views, and thoughts on contact centre life.


Why? Because in our contact centre we do great things. We provide the best contact centre experiences for our clients and their customers. And I realised recently that I, and my peers, have a lot to talk about on the subject.


So, this site is where I’m going to talk about it. I’ll be sharing news and views about call centre life and providing excellent customer experiences, with you.


News, views, and opinions about call centre life by Mark Chana


Contact centres provide an essential service because they keep companies and customers connected, and therefore vital inquiries and messages moving every day. Especially during the challenging times we’re in right now.


They are the ‘hubs’ that help businesses to connect and communicate with their customers – and vice versa. As a result, call centre people, technology, and solutions enable companies to improve their contact, business operations, and customer satisfaction.


Here, I’ll be discussing, for instance, news and views from around the world on the skills required to do the job well. I’ll talk about the essential technologies for success, how customer service is changing, what the future looks like, and more. I hope you enjoy reading my blog.


Mark Chana