CCI Global

CCI Global is a world leader in business process outsourcing. It is managed by the Group CEO, Martin Roe and Mark Chana is the Chief Operating Officer.

About CCI Global

The CCI group of companies brings people, process, and technology together to deliver high-quality communication solutions for clients.


Each part of the group, which encompasses customer experience and digital engagement hubs, has its specialism. And each specialism helps companies to improve performance, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.


CCI Global Group’s companies include:

CCI South Africa



Call Insight


Customer lifecycle management

This is where companies thrive or die. CCI Global are specialists in customer lifecycle management, with experts delivering in Kenya, South Africa, the USA, and the UK. The teams help companies to execute great delivery through the whole customer lifecycle. This is from customer sales through to billing and customer care support and customer retention. In addition, CCI Global provides customer relationship management services to some of the leading brands in the mobile, telecommunications, and retail sectors.


Digital engagement

CCI Global knows all the challenges that companies face when it comes to digital engagement. The need to sell, market, operate, compete, and scale. And therefore, it works with companies to connect them with customers through all digital channels. Whether that’s webchat, social, or messaging, to provide a seamless digital customer experience.


Quality assurance and insights

CCI Global partners with Call Insight, an expert in quality assurance to help delivery centres to improve performance and to provide quality customer interactions.


Business intelligence and analytics

Test & Learn Labs and Innovation Stations at CCI South Africa provide real-time and retrospective reporting and business innovation to client partners. End-to-end customer journey insights also help to accelerate change and add value.


Inbound and outbound customer contact

The teams at CCI are specialists in inbound and outbound customer contact handling sales and retention calls, webchat, email interactions, and more. All of which deliver better customer satisfaction, sales, and improved market share.


About CCI South Africa

Durban is home to CCI South Africa, the country’s biggest call centre, which provides outsourced customer contact services to client partners all over the world.

You can learn more about CCI South Africa here.